European Airlines

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Latvijas Gaisa Satiksmes Akciju Sabiedríba (1922-1928)

By: Rob Mulder For: After the struggle for independence ended in 1920, Latvia started as so many other European countries after the Great War, to rebuild its country. It supported in the beginning mainly on co-operation with Germany as Latvia saw Germany as a liberator of the country from[…]

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KLM and the Fokker F.II and F.III

By: Rob Mulder For: The Fokker F.II was the first of a long range of aircraft that KLM purchased from the Nederlandsche Vliegtuigfabriek NV (Fokker) before the Second World War. KLM had opened its first air service on May 17, 1920 with leased British aircraft, but ordered in July[…]

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Farman F.121 Jabiru in Danish service

By: Rob Mulder For: John Stroud wrote in his book “European Transport Aircraft since 1910” that the Farman F.121 Jabiru (Stork) was “…one of the ugliest transport aeroplanes ever built”. He probably wrote this with a smile on his face. But in a way the F-3X and perhaps even[…]

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AB Aerotransport and the Junkers G 24

By: Rob Mulder For: One of the most important aircraft factories of the period before 1945 was the Junkers Flugzeugwerk AG – Jfa. It produced the first useable all-metal aircraft. The first all-metal fighters were already constructed during the Great War (1914-1918) and after the war Junkers continued to[…]

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STAR and the Nieuport-Delage 641

By: Rob Mulder and in co-operation with Robert Espérou and Régis Biaux For: A small airliner for a small airline company was the Nieuport-Delage 641, also known as Ni-D 641. This high-winged single-engine aircraft saw limited service in France and operated two international air services for the Société de[…]

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Junkers F 13 in Norway

By: Rob Mulder For: One of the most important airliners from the twenties and thirties of the previous century was the all-metal Junkers J 13. The aircraft has had several designations: Until July 1919                     Junkers J 13 (in line with previous models) July 1919 – June 1924      Junkers J[…]

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Fleet list of AB Aerotransport (1924 – 1945)

Fleet list of AB Aerotransport (1924 – 1945) By: Rob Mulder, We would like to receive information from the reader about the mistakes in this list. Abbreviations: b/u = Broken up Canx = cancelled from the register c/n = Constructor’s Number dbr = Destroyed beyond repair f.u. = Fate[…]

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