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Junkers Ju 52/3m in Norway (1935-1946)

By: Rob J. M. Mulder For   The general history of the Junkers Ju 52/3m is well-known. After the first flight of the aircraft in March 1932, it took three year before the first Ju 52/3m was delivered to Norway. The first customers in Scandinavia were Sweden and Finland.[…]

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Timeline of civil Aviation in Norway up to 1945

By: Rob Mulder Rob Mulder has compiled this timeline of civil aviation in Norway. We have tried to publish as many facts as possible. In the period prior to the Great War (better known as the First World War, 1914-1918) many of the aviation events that took place in Norway[…]

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By: Rob Mulder For: European Airlines On 18 June 1934, the Norwegian airline Widerøe’s Flyveselskap A/S (Widerøe’s Air Line Co. Ltd.) started up the air service Oslo – Kristiansand – Stavanger – Haugesund. It was the first passenger, freight and mail service in Norway since the airline Det Norske Luftfartederi[…]

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The Master of Sempill in Norway

By:         Rob Mulder From: and During the twenties and thirties of the last century it happened regularly that foreign pilots came in their aircraft to Norway for a visit. Many of these visits are until recently been unknown to most of us, but as more archives[…]

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1912: Lieutenant Olle Dahlbeck flying in Kristiania (Oslo)

By:      Rob Mulder For: In 1912 the Swedish aviator Olle Dahlbeck came to Kristiania (now Oslo) to fly with his monoplane the Sommer F and his biplane the Bristol Boxkite for an enthusiastic Norwegian audience. He made several flights, among them the first flight in Norway with a female[…]

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Breakfast in Oslo, lunch in Bergen, dinner in Oslo!

1935-2010: 75-year jubileeBy: Rob Mulder For: and In June 2010, it was 75 years since the first flight between Oslo and Bergen was inaugurated by the newly formed airline Det Norske Luftfartselskap, Fred. Olsen & Bergenske AS – DNL. A look back at the organization and the first[…]

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Norway Air Express

By: Rob Mulder For: A long wait In August 1919 the Dutch lieutenant Albert Plesman (founder of Royal Dutch KLM) met with the management of the Norwegian airline company Det Norske Luftfartrederi A/S – DNL and they discussed the possibility to establish an air service between the Netherlands and[…]

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Mr Batts flies in Norway

By: Rob Mulder For: Behind this curious title lies the history of the American aviator Carl Truman Batts, who on behalf of the American Curtiss Company arrived in April 1919 in Bergen, Norway to fly one of the products of the Curtiss Company, the Curtiss MF Seagull, the post-war[…]

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Junkers F 13 in Norway

By: Rob Mulder For: One of the most important airliners from the twenties and thirties of the previous century was the all-metal Junkers J 13. The aircraft has had several designations: Until July 1919                     Junkers J 13 (in line with previous models) July 1919 – June 1924      Junkers J[…]

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