Air Cargo a la Junkers

Air Express Co Ltd, Luftfrako and Deutramp By: Rob Mulder For: www.europeanairlines.no With the introduction of civil aviation at the end of the Great War (1914-1918) the aircraft started to find implant in the transportation of airmail and cargo. The trade and industry were not yet ready for this new form of transportation and could at that moment not foresee the great impact the aircraft would have. Its potential payload was not recognized either. But that would soon change. The story here is about the Trost Brothers and their co-operation with Junkers Flugzeugwerk AG and the German Junkers-affiliated air brokers...

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Drustvo za Vazdusni Saobracaj A D – Aeroput (1927-1948)

By: Rob J M Mulder For: www.europeanairlines.no One of our first fleet lists was the one of the airline company Aeroput (meaning ‘Airway’ in Serbian) and thus it is now time to write a little bit more about this company. It took some time before an airline company was formed in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, but after the foundation the company had a steady development into one of the main carriers in the region, flying to other countries like Austria, Greece and Czechoslovakia. In this article we focus on the history of Drustvo za Vazdusni Saobracaj A...

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