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Junkers F 13 – The World’s First All-Metal Airliner

Author: Günter Endres, Lennart Andersson, Rob J.M. Mulder and Günther Ott

Photographs: 200+ and 16 color profiles

Format: 21.6 x 27.9 cm, hard cover, 288. of pages, English text



In 1919 a small six-seater aircraft lifted off from an airfield at Dessau in Germany on its first flight. Designed and built in less than six months in a devestated Germany immediately after the First World War, its birth could not have been more difficult. It had demanded of Professor Hugo Junkers, creativity, invention and much subterfuge against almost impossible odds. Yet, within five years, the unassuming Junkers F 13 was serving three-quaters of all air routes within Europe, and went on to play a pioneering role in the development of a fledging air transport industry in many parts of the world.

Junkers F13 – The World’s First All-Metal Airliner. Written by aviation specialists Günter Endres, Lennart Andersson, Rob J.M. Mulder and Günther Ott. All four authors became fascinated by the Junkers F 13 many years ago. They have spent years of research on reconstructing the type’s history and on putting together the fates of each individual aircraft. The book has 288 pages, tables, color profiles and 376 photographs.