Kjeller – Vi lander!

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About The Author

Rob J M Mulder

“En luftig bok om sivile fly på Kjeller før 1940!”

We are working on a book about the civil aircraft that visited Kjeller air field, just north of Oslo, between 1919 and 1939. All foreign aircraft had to land here for custom duties. All new landplanes to be registered in Norway, had to come for inspection to Kjeller. Thus many types of aircraft were frequent visitors. We have tried to find the first arrival of each aircraft, as many, of course, arrived several times. Each first arrival is accompanied with a small story and a photograph (if available).












Romanian Junkers F 13, C-RBIM, and a Norwegian military Kaje (to the left) at
Kjeller airport, just north of Oslo. (Kari Toen via Norsk luftfartsmuseum)