20th Century Passenger Flying Boats

From Henry Fabre’s first successful take-off from water, to the introduction of a hull (rather than floats) by American Glenn Curtiss, to the world-wide development of huge, ocean-crossing flying boats on both sides of the Atlantic – the passenger flying boat era continuous to fascinate aviation enthusiasts and historians alike. It is a sadly missed epoch of flight.

In this pictorial account, the reader embarks on a fast-moving journey, from the pioneering early years to the present days. The book features images sourced from private, public and corporate archives around the world.

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Leslie Dawson


91 pages, hardback with dust cover, English text, 176 photographs (black-and-white), labels, and maps.


Pen & Sword Book Ltd, Barnsley, UK.




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About The Author

Leslie Dawson

Leslie Dawson

Leslie Dawson was born in Southgate London.An active member of No 85 (Southgate ) Squadron Air Training Corps, he first flew from Hendon, now home to the RAF Museum, A move to Dorset precluded over thirty years as a private pilot, glider, and motor gliding instructor, with chief flying instructor status. He was also commissioned with the RAFVT(T). The success of his book "Wings Over Dorset", 1 100 year aviation history of the county, secured a series of television and radio interviews, begun with the BBC. A vice-president of Poole Flying Boats Celebration, his enthusiasm attracts packed audiences.