Oliver Andre Rosto – A Life Dedicated To Aviation

Author: Rob J.M. Mulder

Photographs: 84

Format: 15.0 x 22.3 cm, softback, 112 pages, English text

ISBN: 978-82-997371-4-2

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Have a look at parts of the book: “Oliver Andre Rosto – A Life Dedicated to Aviation
A biography about the Norse American aviator Oliver Andre Rosto. Born in Norway in 1881, he immigrated to the USA in 1902 and designed, constructed and flew his “Rosto Monoplane”. He later worked for Curtiss, the U.S. Navy and Ericson Aircraft Ltd, before he entered service with the Civil Aeronautic Authority. He worked here for 25 years as Air Carrier Inspector. At the age of 71 he started to work for AEMCO, a subsidiary of Transocean Air Lines. The book describes the fasinating life of  Oliver Andre Rosto. He certainly had a life dedicated to aviation.

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Book review:
Flyhistorie Nr 22 (2011)
Flyhistorie Nr 22 (2011 – English translation)