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Norway remained neutral during the First World War and the first airlines were started up as early as 1912. The main story of this book is about Det Norske Luftfartrederi - DNL.
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* The Beginnings of Norway’s Airlines, Part 1: 1918-1922

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Author: Rob J.M. Mulder

ISBN: 978-82-997371-..-..

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Author: Rob J.M. Mulder
Format: 21.5 x 30.2 cm (A4), hardback, 192 pages, 258 photographs, 12 colour profiles, 2 maps, English text
ISBN: 978-82-93450-04-7
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Interesting book about the beginnings of Norway’s airlines. On 9 October 1910, the Swedish baron Carl Cederström made the first flight in Norway. Two years later the first Norwegian was in the air. The same year the first “airline”, Norsk Flyveselskap AS, was formed. During World War I, things started to happen. The first national airline, Det Norske Luftfartrederi, was formed in July 1918. Beside these two company several other companies started up. The formation of these airlines fitted perfectly in the optimistic economic post-war period in Norway. Aircraft (mainly from Germany) were imported by fishing companies and private persons, and special flights made. The Norwegian Post Office was keen to get air services started, but it would take until 1920, before the first air services were started. Both the military (Army and Navy) and the airline Det Norske Luftfartrederi operated routes as trial services.

This book describes all airlines formed between 1912 and 1922 and with a special chapter about Det Norske Luftfartrederi AS (1918-1921). What were its plans, what flying boats and seaplanes did it use, and what was fate of the company?

A book to look forward to.

The Friedrichshafen FF49C, N.3 belonging to Phoenix Packing Co. visiting Eid in the Nord Fjord. (Isak Isaksen Hellebust via Fylkesarkivet)