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For many this name is unknown in aviation circles, but many may know him as an able flight engineer. He had a fantastic life including adventures as polar explorer with the Byrd Expedition and the Ellsworth Arctic Flight. The last part of his life he worked for the Norwegian airline Det Norske Luftfartselskap, Fred. Olsen & Bergenske A/S and was responsible for the introduction and maintenance of the Sikorsky S-43, LN-DAG “Valkyrien”. Unfortunately, Chris and his wife Molly Mullens were killed in an aircraft accident in 1937. The site is under construction.
Website in Norwegian, where you can find pdf-files of old Norwegian aviation magazines and the more modern booklets about aircraft in the Royal Norwegian Air Force.
On this site the Norwegian publishing houses Fly Gloster, Wings and European Airlines have joined forces and offer their books for sale to Norwegian customers only. The site is under construction.

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