Fleet of the Day

SABENA (1923-1945)

New version, 17 May 2004: The fleet of Belgian airline SABENA (1923-1945). Amendment made after correspondance with Frans van Humbeek.

NOBA & DEVAG (1926-1934)

This time we present the fleet of the Nordbayerische Verkehrsflug AG and the Deutscher Verkehrsflug AG (1926-1934)

Aeroput (1927-1941)

The fleet of the Aeroput contains some mysteries, which we would like to solve. Please help us.

LARES (1930-1945)

One of the largest airline companies in the Balkan prior to the Second World War was the Rumanian airline company LARES. It was owned by the State and started in 1930. In 1937 it absorbed the private airline company SARTA (owned by the French companies Potez and Gnome & Rhône). In the period 1937 – 1945 it was headed by Andrei Popovici.

CSA (1923-1938)

The State-owned airline CSA played a major role in pre-war Central Europe and was one of the leading airline in Czechoslovakia. Its fleet contains mainly of licenced-built aircraft.

SANA (1925-1934)

The Dornier-affiliated Italian airline flew exclusively with Dornier Wal and Superwal flying boats. Picture of time table by courtesy of Björn Larsson and David Zekria.

ÖLAG (1923-1939)

Starting as a Junkers-affiliated airline, the ÖLAG operated mainly Junkers-aircraft ranging from F 13 to Ju-52/3m. Timetable is by courtesy of Bjørn Larsson and David Zekria.

Air Bleu (1935-1940)

In 1935 the company Air Bleu was formed as a company solely for the transportation of airmail within France. It existed for five years and was at the start of the Second World War taken over by the Air France. It operated many Caudron Simoun and Goéland aircraft.

Deutscher Aero Lloyd AG (1923-1926)

The fleet list of Deutscher Aero Lloyd AG is in interesting list as it forms the basis for the fleet of its successor, Deutsche Luft Hansa AG. Timetable is by courtesy of Bjørn Larsson. This list has been updated!

Comp. Aérienne Francaise (1919-1937)

Robert Ésperou gives us a look into the details of the fleet of this relatively unknown French airline.

AB Aerotransport (1924-1945)

A look at the mixed fleet of AB Aerotransport, the main carrier of Sweden and now part of SAS Scandinavian Airlines System. Poster of AB Aerotransport courtesy of Daniel Kusrow.

Ad Astra Aero AG and predeccessors (1919-1931)

Ad Astra Aero AG was one of the first airline of Switzerland. It was also one of the predecessors of Swissair.

Det Danske Luftfartsselskab A/S (1919-1945)

One of the oldest airlines is Det Danske Luftfartsselskab A/S from Denmark. Formed in 1919 it is now a part of Scandinavian Airline System – SAS. The fleet of the period 1919-1945 is oublished here. Timetable is by courtesy of Bjørn Larsson and David Zekria and from the collection of Dacre Watson.