WoN: The F-16 in Norway (Vol. 36)


Norway will soon phace out the F-16 and Warbirds of Norway commemorates this fact with the publication of a small magazine of 68 pages about the F-16 in Norway. NOTE: The whole magazine has Norwegian text only.

De 20 første årene med F-16 – The first 20 years with the F-16
F-16A 1980 – 1921 (list of all aircraft delivered and their history)
Århundrets flykjøp: F-16 – The aircraft purchase of the century
Den tidlige utviklingen av våre F-16 – The early modification of out F-16s
Pilot’s Notes – F-16 Fighting Falcon
Den flyturen glemmer jeg aldri – Kollisjon med trane – I will never forget that flight – collision with a crane bird
Yrke Jagerflyger – Til tider farlig … – Profession Jet Fighter – sometimes dangerous …
Siste utskytning med norsk F-16 – Last emegercy launch from a Norwegian F-16
Foto Gallery
Tender Loving Care – about overhaul F-16
Finally, two pages with colour profiles made by Nils Mathisrud, Vingtor.

Nytt fra Storkeredet – News from the restoration front
Status Boeing P-12
Interstate Cadet S1A på Kjeller – Interstate Cadet S1A at Kjeller

Price NOK 150 + pp.

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