WoN: Fairchild Cornell (in Norway) (Vol.16)

Published: 2001
Pages: 80
Text: IN NORWEGIAN (some English)
Authors: Øyvind Munch Ellingsen,Erling Wiig, Arne Østby Wik, Jan Meier, Oddvar Rygg, Knut Kinne, David Hammond, Roar Glenne

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The annual magazines from the association “Warbirds of Norway” have always been a collector’s item due to their interesting articles, photographs and colour profiles. This issue has as main story the Fairchild Cornell in Norwegian service, but there are also other articles:

Fairchild Cornell:
Little Norway, Canada
Cornell in RNoAF
English Summary
Cornell production List (Norway)
I will never forget that flight
Cornell on ice
Pilots Notes Cornell
Cornell Marks and models
Airworthy Cornell to Norway
Norse-American with a Cornell
Memories of Miami
Warbirds in Norway – Cornell

Other articles:
Grasshopper at Kjeller
L-29 Delfin for Norway
Bomber on the hook