Norwegian Aircraft in Photos

The N-Register, 1918-1932
Author: Rob J. M. Mulder & Kay Hagby


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Rob J. M. Mulder & Kay Hagby

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96 pages, 000 photographs


A4-format, soft cover.




European Airlines Rob Mulder


Kr. 150 (+pp)

About The Author

Kay Hagby

Rob J M Mulder

Rob J M Mulder

The aviation historian Rob J. M. Mulder (1958) has written and published numerous books about Norwegian and international aviation history. Three of his books ("Junkers for Scandinavia", "Fornebu Lufthavn - en lufthavn blir til" and "The Beginnings of Norway's Airlines, Part 1: 1918-1922") have been awarded "Best Norwegian Aviation Book of the Year", and he has also been awarded the title "Aviation Enthusiast 2013". He runs several websites and has written many articles for Norwegian and international aviation magazines.

He is also co-author with Günter Endres and Lennart Andersson of the series about Junkers-aircraft published via EAM Books.

Many times on international fairs, people ask about photographs of Norwegian aircraft, especially after publication of the booklet “Flying with my photos” these requests have poured in. Kay Hagby, Norwegian aviation historian and expert on the civil air register in Norway and aviation author and publisher Rob J. M. Mulder have joined forces to make two small booklets with photographs about the civil aircraft before 1940. We hope this booklet will fill a gap for the scale model builders and those interested in civil aircraft. We here give a short presentation of the aircraft in the N-Register, in use from 1918 to 1932.

Coming: Autumn 2019