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Detlef Billing

Author: Detlef Billig
Publisher: TOM – Modellbau
Series: Typeshow No. 03
ISBN: 3-939439-02-9
Language: German
Pages: 52, full color, A4, numerous profile drawings

After the “Annas” and “Jaks in Germany”, Detlef Billig’s TSR series now offers the third title “Zlins …”, which has not only been greatly improved in terms of production technology. This is not only with regard to the aircraft flying in Germany, but also to underline the international character of the booklet – or did you know that the traditional company for racing sport aircraft also delivered to the military of Yemen, Angola, Mexico, Peru to name only a few countries.

This interesting publication deals with the history of all sports and training aircraft from Zlin and its company founder Tomas Bátá. The Zlin Z-26 series is the focus of the Zlin Z-726 / Z-50 series – with all production numbers and export numbers. The types Z-42 and Z-43 of the former NVA or GST, some of which are still flying in Germany, are described in detail. The history of each individual machine has been presented in a documentary form like tables and photos, especially from after the political change in Germany.

Particularly interesting for the model builder: a model building corner for machines “with history” – with a photo-documented story – because with some machines of this type East-German pilots tried to flee to Western  Germany. Also very nice: a Zolino photo detail, which the prescribed controls on the airplane before a flight. A further highlight are photos from the manufacturer’s factory and the representation of the current (2006) Z-242 and Z-143 production series, especially their military countries with new drawings by Jens Popp. The photographs of Fernas-142 and Safir-43 from Algeria speak their own language.

It was also not forgotten how the famous aircraft were being used in Germany. In order to keep the aircraft fit, holders were forced to organize parts and maintenance under the austerity of the LBA itself. From 1990 onwards the pilots in East Germany went the same way – above all, the participants will documented their experiences documented in this magazine. The photos of many pilots, who are brought together here, are of a unique nature. The interesting and personal story of the Zlin Airshow team with largely unknown details follows. One notices the magazine, which has a Zlin-expert and – fan / pilot write the texts.

This presentation has been written by Volker Helms (IPMS Germany), and translated from German into English.