European Airlines

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Author: Lennart Andersson, Günter Endres and Rob J.M. Mulder

Format: 21.6 x 27.9 cm (letter format), hardback, 416 pages, 445 photographs + drawings, tables, and fleet lists. Colour section with 27 colour profiles and philately appendix (36 stamps) and two posters, English text

ISBN: 978–0–9573744–2–3

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The three-engined Ju 52/3m is one of few aircraft that can lay claim to 50 years of active service, with a few still flying, demonstrating not only its longevity, but also the soundness of its design and construction. While fulfilling the Luftwaffe’s operational strategies it also served major commercial air routes in many parts of the world and was also adapted for many other missions. Production was re-activated after the war in France and Spain, and a total of almost 5,400 were built. This book will provide the reader with deep insight into the design, construction and operation of aircraft that have contributed greatly to the development of aviation. More than forty years of gathering information and in-depth research will provide the reader with a wealth of data, photographs, and colour drawings of the iconic Ju 52/3m.

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