Roar Glenne is one of Norway’s leading specialists on Norwegian military history and has published a number of books and articles on the subject. He has a background in military aviation and started on the RNoAF Technical Command school in 1964. Served at 332 Squadron (Northrop F-5A/B), 720 Squadron (UH-1B), at Andøya Air Station (Orion P-3B), RNoAF Logistic Command at Kjeller (Sea King/F-16). He was appointed head of historical the Air Force at the Defense Museum (1989-2016). He also played an important role in the establishing of the military exhibition at the Norwegian Aviation Museum in Bodø and The RnoAF Collection at Gardermoen. Led the restoration of a number of aircraft and participated in the purchase of a Catalina and a Mosquito to the collection. Managed to get the Naval aircraft ‘Start’ (Rumpler Taube) to the RNoAF Collection at Gardermoen.
He has published a number of books, among them ‘Oppdrag Utført’, an overview about all museum aircraft in Norway.

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