*Beauty of the Skies – de Havilland DH91 Albatross

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Rob J. M. Mulder
with help of Graham M. Simons


352 pages, 210x297mm, hardback, 460 photographs of which 6 in full-color, 3 full-color cutaways, 4 pages with scale drawings (1/72). 20 color profiles.




European Airlines Rob Mulder




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About The Author

Rob J M Mulder

Rob J M Mulder

The aviation historian Rob J. M. Mulder (1958) has written and published numerous books about Norwegian and international aviation history. Four of his books ("Junkers for Scandinavia", "Fornebu Lufthavn - en lufthavn blir til", "The Beginnings of Norway's Airlines, Part 1: 1918-1922" and "Beauty of the Skies - The de Havilland DH91 Albatross") have been awarded "Best Norwegian Aviation Book of the Year", and he has also been awarded the title "Aviation Enthusiast 2013". He runs several websites and has written many articles for Norwegian and international aviation magazines.

This monogram about the de Havilland DH91 Albatross tells the full story of one of the de Havilland’s most beautiful aircraft. The book was long overdue. It gives the reader an insight in the development, test work, and operation of the de Havilland DH91 Albatross, of which only seven were built. The appearance of the aircraft left an everlasting impression on the viewers and all fell in love with the beautiful lines of this aircraft. It was unbelievable that in the time of the upcoming all-metal American airliners that this wooden aircraft could make such an impression. The Albatross had no peers in elegance thanks to his outstanding aerodynamic design.

The first flight of the prototype was made on May 20, 1937. It did not enter service with Imperial Airways Ltd. until November 1938 and it was not met with too many positive criticisms. In many ways the de Havilland DH91 Albatross was an outstanding aerodynamic design, and in particular the method of fuselage construction was a completely novel in its day. The DH91 Albatross would eventually disappear from the skies in July 1943, but its story is worthwhile telling.

The book is well-illustrated with many photographs, color profiles, three-side drawings, and new cutaway drawings of both the passenger as mail version.

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