My first contact with the activities at Kjeller airport goes back to August 1963 when I needed workshop practice before studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. I got a half year employment in the Depot Workshops at the Air Materiel Command before continuing with other skills at companies in Oslo.
After having finished my studies, I returned to the Air Materiel Command to serve my military service at the Technical Branch, Jet engine Department. Thereafter I started working at the Drawing office at the Depot, later Workshop Planning and depot Staff management.
In 1984 I got an Employment with The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, where I checked benefits and costs for introduction of new Power systems. After two years I became head of the office for Energy resources and new Power systems.
In 1988 I returned to the Air Depot at Kjeller, now as Production Manager for all workshops dealing with Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul of Gas Turbine Engines, Aircraft and Helicopters and Avionic and Ground based systems.
In 2004 all the depot workshops in the Norwegian Armed forces were assembled in a new joint division to take out synergies. My workshops were lifted as independent units, and I was appointed Head of the Air Depot. The year after some changes took place, and I became Quality Manager for the Air Depot until I retired June 1. 2011.
In all I have had 38,5 interesting years in a challenging Organization at Kjeller spread over 42,5 years.
As Retired, I as editor documented the 100 years history of the Armed forces activity at the Kjeller airfield since the first flight Saturday September 21. 1912.