Fairey Fox – Caught in the Tides of War


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Edwin Hoogschagen, with assistance of Amaru Tincopa and Yves Duwelz


120 pages, 145 photographs, 15 colour profiles, 210x224mm, hardcover, digital print




European Airlines Rob Mulder




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About The Author

Edwin Hoogschagen

Edwin Hoogschagen

Edwin Hoogschagen (1980) has been studying aviation history since the late 1990’s and specialises in military aviation of the Interbellum. He has been published in various Dutch magazines. His first book, on the Fokker C.5 in Dutch service, was finished in 2010. Various books in both Dutch and English have followed since. Edwin lives in Zwolle, Netherlands, with his wife and two children.

Aviation historians Edwin Hoogschagen, Yves Duwelz and Amaru Tincopa have teamed up to compile the definitive monograph describing the Fairey Fox. The bomber from 1925, saw extensive service in especially the Belgian and Peruvian air forces, but was very much liked when in service with Royal Air Force (RAF).
The aircraft survived long enough to face the mighty, high-modern Luftwaffe, when German attacked the neutral state of Belgium on May 10, 1940. During their sorties she even managed to down some German aircraft in dog fights.

The authors have managed to correct many misunderstandings and outright myths surrounding the history of the type. The volume gives a detailed description of all aircraft operated, everything well-illustrated of unique and high-quality photographs. In addition, the illustrator Luca Canossa, has made a considerable number of colour profiles, which beautifully help interpret the text.

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Good reads’ **** out of 5 stars – Martin Koenigsberg: ‘It’s a great thorough history of a little known Aircraft that turns out to be much more interesting than you might have thought…
Yann Mahé – Aérojournal magazine (#88) – Encore une fois, saluons la très grande qualitté de l’iconographie…”
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