Fokker in Swedish Service

Author: Mikael Forslund



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Mikael Forslund

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304 pages, 617 photographs, tables and copies of documents, 38 colour profiles.


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About The Author

Mikael Forslund

Mikael Forslund

Mikael Forslund (1960) has been working as a press photographer for many years and has a passion for historical photographs. Back in 1974, he also started to write articles for newspapers and later also for aviation magazines.

He has written and published numerous books and his latest work "Fokker in Swedish Service" includes many rare photographs, combined with well-written texts.

Read all about the Fokkers in Swedish service, both civil and military. The following types are described: Fokker D.IV, Fokker Dr.I, Fokker D.VII, Fokker F.VIIa, Fokker F.VIII, Fokker F.XII, Fokker F.XXII, Fokker C.V-D & E, Fokker G.I, Douglas DC-3, Douglas DC-2, Saab 90 Scandia, Saab 91 Safir, Fokker F.27 (och varianter) Friendship och Fokker F.28 (och varianter) Fellowship. All in service from 1918 until today. Numerous photographs (many never published before), color profiles and tables.

The book is in classic Mikael Forslund style with many photographs, easy-to-read text and nice listings. The colour profiles have been made by Thierry Wallet, who did a great job. We recommend the book to those who would like to have a complete overview of the Fokker-aircraft in service in Sweden, both civil and military.