Høver M.F.11 (Profiles in Norway, Nr.2)


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With a series of booklets which has been called «Profiles in Norway», the author hope to collect information on types of aircraft that have been serving with the Norwegian Armed Forces over the years, or that have been operating over Norway. The booklets are aimed at readers with a general interest in aviation as well as modellers. The contents are, as far as available, copies of instruction manuals, etc., colour profiles, scale drawings, technical descriptions and a brief history. Some pictures and text may have been published before in different publications. He also includes information on model kits currently available for the types of aircraft contained in these booklets.

The Marinens Flyvebaatfabrikk M.F.11 (sometimes known as the Høver M.F.11 after its designer) was a three-seat, single-engined biplane used by the Norwegian Naval Air Service for maritime reconnaissance in the decade before the Second World War. The M.F. 11 was the main aircraft of the Royal Norwegian Navy Air Service up until the German invasion of Norway in 1940. This is a reprint of the booklet published before. The colour profiles have been updated.