WoN: Sopwith Baby (in Norway) (Vol.17)

Published: 2002
Pages: 36
Text: IN NORWEGIAN (some English)
Authors: Øyvind Munch Ellingsen, Stein Gulli, Bjørn Hafsten, Knut erik Hage, Per Haugerund, Dan Olsen Dannevig, Kay Hagby, Henrik Widerøe

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The annual magazines from the association “Warbirds of Norway” have always been a collector’s item due to their interesting articles, photographs and colour profiles. This issue has as main story the Sopwith Baby in Norwegian service, but there are also other articles:

Sopwith Baby
Sopwith Baby in Norwegian service
Norwegian Sopwith Babys (summary in English)
An airworthy Sopwith Baby in Norway!
Viggo Widerøe and Sopwith Baby
Stopp Press (photo of Sopwith Baby)

Other articles:
Emergency landing on Lista Flystasjon (Thunderjets)
Warbirds in Norge – after the First World War
Silver Dakota on the silver screen
Once upon a time…
A flying Starfighter
Why a Norwegian flag?
Tryggve Herman Gran (Norwegian pilots in the First World War)
Exit Broussard – Enter Mirage
Polar Broussard
Northrop GS-M found on Iceland
Tanguy et Laverdure