Bf 108 Taifun med varianter


Published: 2014
Pages: 36
Text: IN NORWEGIAN (some English)
Authors: Øyvind Munch Ellingsen, Kay Hagby, Morten S. Haave, Lars Øyno, Jens Olav Berg and Tor Nørstegård.

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The annual magazines from the association “Warbirds of Norway” have always been a collector’s item due to their interesting articles,  photographs and colour profiles. This issue has as main story the Bf 108 Taifun and variations in Norway, but there are also other articles:

Bf 108 Taifun:
Bf 108 Taifun
Historien om LN-WNM til Norge
Pilot report Messerschmitt Bf108 Taifun/Nord 1002 Pingouin I
Taifun in Norway (ENGLISH TEXT)
Argus As 10
Messerschmitt Bf 108 Taifun
On back cover: colour profiles of
Bf 108 B-1, 4D+YC in Luftwaffe colours
Bf 108 B-1, LN-IAB in two different schemes
Helge Mehres’ Bf 108, in all four colour profiles.

Other articles:
Nytt fra Storkeredet (Fieseler Storch)
Angola Texan heading north (LN-TEX) (ENGLISH TEXT!)
Jon Erzgard – Saab testpilot
Jungmann to Jarlsberg
Status Boeing P-12 (ENGLISH TEXT)
Spitfireweekend på Kjeller
Spitfire MK997
Norge sviktet under Battle of Britain
Bleriot Travers La Mer du Nord
Nye hester til vår Broussard
One second in the life of a Merlin (ENGLISH TEXT)
Focke Wulf til Kjeller