Piu’cento / SIAI Marchetti: Dal 1915 storie di uomini e aeroplane – Part 2

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About The Author

Luciano Pontolillo

Massimo Dominelli

Author: Massimo Dominelli and Luciano Pontolillo
Pages: 152, format A4R.
Photographs: over 170

The book tells the story of the SIAI Marchetti from 1946 to 1997, when it was finally absorbed by Aermacchi. After a chapter that outlines the history as a whole, the following chapters decribe the most significant projects of the Sesto Calende company: from the four-SM95, the greatest last passengers aircraft to be produced, through the light aircraft Fn- 333 “Riviera”, S.205, S.208 to end with the most significant plane of the SIAI after the war and one of the best projects in the world: the SF-260, the “Ferrari of the skies.” The author does not forget the military projects of SM.1019 and S.211 in addition to other smaller projects such as S.M.102 and SF-600. The book is enriched by over 170 color and black and white often unpublished or little known, and numerous testimonies and first-person accounts. The book includes data sheets of aircraft and some insights on specific topics.