The Swiss Revolution – Lockheed Model 9B Orion


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Rob J M Mulder


100+ pages, 170x210mm, hardback, photographs, colour profiles and cutaway drawing.




European Airlines Rob Mulder




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Rob J M Mulder

Rob J M Mulder

The aviation historian Rob J. M. Mulder (1958) has written and published numerous books about Norwegian and international aviation history. Three of his books ("Junkers for Scandinavia", "Fornebu Lufthavn - en lufthavn blir til" and "The Beginnings of Norway's Airlines, Part 1: 1918-1922") have been awarded "Best Norwegian Aviation Book of the Year", and he has also been awarded the title "Aviation Enthusiast 2013". He runs several websites and has written many articles for Norwegian and international aviation magazines.

He is also co-author with Günter Endres and Lennart Andersson of the series about Junkers-aircraft published via EAM Books.

The Lockheed Orion has always facinated me and writting a book about the two aircraft in service with Swissair, the former Swiss national airline, has always been on my wish list. Now I managed to fin enough material to write the history of this sleek high-speed aircraft, revolutionaizing the European aviation world. At the time of her introduction, most airliners in service flew at a pace of 140km/h. Swissair introduced now an aircraft that could fly at a speed of maximum 320km/h, but the usual cruising speed was around 260 to 280km/h. Nevertheless, the little wooden wonder from the USA flew 50% faster than any other aircraft. Swissair decided to operate the aircraft with just four passenger seats, as mail was far more important and lucrative to carry.

In this book, I have tried to describe the history of the aircraft with many new details and many photographs. Hubert Cance has made a lovely cutaway of the aircraft. Enjoy reading this book about a fascinating part of Swissair’s history!