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This website is for those interested in the history of the European airlines in the period prior to 1945. On these pages we present a wide variety of articles about this subject illustrated with pictures and drawings. We have presented the articles in different subjects: Articles – presenting a variety of articles about different aspects of airlines and aviation events;  Fleet of the day – a detailed presentation of the fleet of a European airlines; Airlines and their airliners – a series of articles about a specific aircraft type in service with one of the European airlines.

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In 1934, the work on the new airport of Oslo started. The bulk of the working force was there during the winter months when unemployment was at its peak. Most of the work was done by hand (!) and using only small wagons on rails: an unbelievable accomplishment. Initially, work was to complete in 1937, but extension of the original plans led to delay in the work. But on 1 June 1939 (this year 75 years ago), Danish Air Lines’ Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condorwas the first to depart from the airport. But it took off from the taxiway! An accident was but just avoided…The operation of the airlines on Fornebu is described in detail, and so is the usage of the airport by private aircraft, both foreign and domestic. We should also mentioned that all services are described in detail, as are services like the custom office, the post office, the bank, and the air traffic office with all its problems and challenges. We also take a look at the period September 1939 – April 1940, when the airport was also used by the Army Air Service. The book ends with the occupation by the Germans and a review of the war years, right until the airport was peacefully taken over by the Allied forces from the German occupying forces on 16 May, 1945.The book has 208 pages (+ 125 pages on a CD disk) and is illustrated with 218 photographs and drawings, eight color profiles, a reconstructed landing journal (1939-1940) and an index.
ATTENTION: The book has only Norwegian text and captions!
ELTA – The First Aviation Exhibition Amsterdam, 1919. First major aviation exhibition and flying display organized after World War I. During six weeks more than 100 aircraft and 500,000 visitors came to Amsterdam. The book describes the reason for organizing the exhibition, the construction time, the day-by-day program and which pilots and aircraft were present. Information in 4 languages at: www.elta1919.nl or go to our webshop for ordering.
OUT SEPTEMBER 2013: Focke Wulf Fw 200 Condor – with Danish Air Lines in War and Peace, 1938-1946
by Rob J.M.Mulder and Günther Ott.
In 1988 Tom Weihe wrote the history of the two aircraft in service with Det Danske Luftfartselskab A/S – DDL
(Danish Air Lines Ltd.). He has allowed us to rewrite the book and translate it into English. I have added
new facts as well as numerous new photographs. In addition, Juanita Franzi has made colour profiles for
this book. This is a book to look foreward to.
Junkers F13 – The World’s First All-Metal Airliner. Written by aviation specialists Günter Endres, Lennart Andersson, Rob J.M. Mulder and Günther Ott. All four authors became fascinated by the Junkers F 13 many years ago. They have spent years of research on reconstructing the type’s history and on putting together the fates of each individual aircraft. The book has 288 pages, tables, color profiles and 376 photographs. Information and to secure your copy, go to: www.junkersf13.com Out: NOW!