Secret emergency landing at Nøtterøy

During my visit to the air show at Torp Airport near Sandefjord I was handed over one of the quarterlies of the Norwegian Dakota Association (Dakota Norway). It was number 1 of the year 2001. On page 14 it showed the picture of a DC-3 at Nøtterøy after an emergency landing. The article mentioned that after the landing Russian PoW were used to flatten out the land and to make a provisional runway. In the meantime the engine was fixed. After the work on the runway was finished the aircraft took off and disappeared to n unknown destination. The author...

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Oliver Andre Rosto: The first Norwegian to fly (?)

By: Rob Mulder For: In 1912 Christian Lie was the first civilian to take off from Norwegian soil and to make a flight with his Grade monoplane. For generations this has been seen as the first flight of a Norwegian civilian from Norwegian soil. But thanks to the historian Hans Olav Løkken in Norway we have to rewrite Norwegian aviation history… or not? It was a great pleasure to read in the leading Norwegian aviation magazine Flynytt of February 2005 an article that could change the course of aviation history in Norway. Hans Olav Løkken wrote an interesting article...

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