Fleet list of Liniile Aeriene Romane Exploatate de Statul

Liniile Aeriene Romane Exploatate de Statul - LARES (1930-1937) Liniile Aeriene Romane Exploatate cu Statul - LARES (1937-1945) By: Rob Mulder For: We would like to receive information from the reader about the mistakes in this list.   Abbreviations: b/u = Broken up Canx = cancelled from the register c/n = Constructor’s Number dbr = Destroyed beyond repair f.u. = Fate unknown In = Date aircraft was taken in use / or registered Regn = Registration   One of the largest airline companies in the Balkan prior to the Second World War was the Romanian airline company LARES. It was...

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Airline companies in Romania (1918-1945)

By: Rob Mulder For: The history of civil aviation in Romania has been more than just interesting. There were four airline companies in Romania in the period up to 1945. These companies will be described here in full detail. Civil Aviation and Civil Air Register  Rumania had an interesting aviation history. Despite the dark period after the Second World War, much information has been preserved on the development of civil aviation and the aircraft construction. Recent publication on Rumanian aircraft manufacturers has showed, that much is still unknown. One of the greatest names in the pre-Great War period is...

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Towarzystwo Komunikacji Lotniczej Aero Spólka Akcyjna – S A Aero (1925-1928)

By: Rob Mulder For: The start of the company In the spring of 1921 the Franco-Romanian airline company Compagnie Franco-Roumaine de Navigation Aérienne – CFRNA opened the air service Wien – Praha – Warszawa operated in connection with the service to and from Strasbourg and Paris. The route to Poland was also opened to secure the French influence in the new eastern European countries. But the initiatives after the liquidation of the Polish airline company Aero Targ Spólka Akcyjna were kept alive in Poznań and in February 1925 the Towarzystwo Komunikacji Lotniczej Aero Spólka Akcyjna (Company of the Communication...

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