Early airline companies in Spain (1918-1924)

By: Rob Mulder For: One of Europe's largest monarchies is the Kingdom of Spain (España). The long time preceding the Great War (1914-18) Spain was one of the leading powers in Europe and for that matter in the world. The country remained neutral during the Great War and suffered domestically during the period of 1923-30 under the dictatorship of General Primo de Riveras. After the forced abdication of King Alfonsa XIII in 1931 the Spanish Republic (República Española) was proclaimed. The upraise of Nationalists under the leadership of General Sanjurjo and General Franco in July 1936 led to the...

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Iberia and the Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland I

By: Rob Mulder For The foundation of Iberia Foreign airline companies operated the first air routes in Spain. Two French airline companies started services between France and Spain. Latécoère opened a through service along the Mediterranean coast to Northern Africa, while Société des Transports Aéronautiques du Sud-Ouest – STASO and its successor Compagnie Franco-Bilbaïne de Transports Aéronautiques – CFB operated a service from Bayonne to Bilbao and later to Santander in the north-western parts of Spain. In Spain only one air service was operated. On October 15, 1921 the Compañia Española de Tráfico Aéreo – CETA opened an airmail...

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