STAR and the Nieuport-Delage 641

By: Rob Mulder and in co-operation with Robert Espérou and Régis Biaux For: A small airliner for a small airline company was the Nieuport-Delage 641, also known as Ni-D 641. This high-winged single-engine aircraft saw limited service in France and operated two international air services for the Société de Transports Aériens Rapide - STAR. Here is a short review of the use of the aircraft in France. The firm Société Anonyme des Établissements Nieuport But first a short review over the production of civil airliners constructed by the Société Anonyme des Établissements Nieuport. Edouard de Nieport, commonly known as...

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Junkers F 13 in Norway

By: Rob Mulder For: One of the most important airliners from the twenties and thirties of the previous century was the all-metal Junkers J 13. The aircraft has had several designations: Until July 1919                     Junkers J 13 (in line with previous models) July 1919 – June 1924      Junkers J 13 Type F (Freya) Since July 1924                    Junkers F 13 The suffixes were not introduced until June 1927. The type is, however, generally known as the Junkers F 13 and this is how we will call it as well. The type saw only limited service in Norway. It successor the Junkers...

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Iberia and the Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland I

By: Rob Mulder For The foundation of Iberia Foreign airline companies operated the first air routes in Spain. Two French airline companies started services between France and Spain. Latécoère opened a through service along the Mediterranean coast to Northern Africa, while Société des Transports Aéronautiques du Sud-Ouest – STASO and its successor Compagnie Franco-Bilbaïne de Transports Aéronautiques – CFB operated a service from Bayonne to Bilbao and later to Santander in the north-western parts of Spain. In Spain only one air service was operated. On October 15, 1921 the Compañia Española de Tráfico Aéreo – CETA opened an airmail...

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